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Clearing cache has no effect on HTML5 localStorage or sessionStorage (but clearing cookies does!)

The other day I attended a session on HTML5 and JavaScript at the East Bay HTML5 meetup. We had a demo of canvas and SVG by the folks at sparkart, a presentation on Modernizr by our host, Michael Enslow, and … Continue reading

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Writing Browser Extensions

Today at the She’s Geeky unConference in San Francisco, I gave a presentation on Writing Browser Extensions. It’s something I’ve been immersed in for the last several months. I started out knowing nothing about them, and after getting up to … Continue reading

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The Impact of Graphic Design on Software Engineering

As a software engineer, it’s easy to think of graphic design and text composition as afterthoughts. They’re not functional. I make the software work, somebody else figures out what it should look like, and what it should say. But good … Continue reading

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Learning WordPress both as blogger and developer

I recently started attending meetings of the East Bay WordPress Meetup Group, including today’s fun WordPress Plugin Hackathon, hosted and presented by Website in a Weekend‘s Dave Doolin and TechLiminal‘s Anca Mosoiu. (That’s pronounced “muh-show-you”, as in, “WordPress is easy … Continue reading

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Science for the Masses

I was honored to be invited to participate the other day as the “special guest scientist” at the weekly Science News Discussion put on by the Science Access Center. This is a brand new non-profit organization dedicated to bringing science … Continue reading

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Whence the Widget?

Just added a new widget to my sidebar. It’s a red-letter day because I’m the one who just finished programming this widget, and it was just released today by the company where I work, Kachingle. The new one does the … Continue reading

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All Mimsy Were the Ribosomes!

I just came across the most wonderful find. Lewis Carroll meets Woodstock meets RNA (nature’s software). The 13-minute video Protein Synthesis: An Epic on the Cellular Level was filmed by students at my alma mater, Stanford University, in 1971. I … Continue reading

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CSS3 text truncation and ellipses: even in Firefox, and without the styling constraints

[Update: This trick became obsolete when Firefox 4 was released in the first half of 2011, when Mozilla removed the features that made this workaround possible. So, for a time, there was no easy way in Firefox to get the … Continue reading

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To Blog, or Not to Blog?

Okay, so I was finally convinced that I have to start my own blog. (Thank you, devchix, for the push.) I resisted for a long time. Does the blogosphere really need one more blog? The blogging “trend discovery” website … Continue reading

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