I’m a software developer and also a biologist. Throughout my life I’ve been moving in both these worlds, with the focus shifting back and forth at times, and with a long-standing interest in combining them.

I’ve written educational software for everything from pre-readers through college calculus students, a data analysis app for sleep disorders clinics, biological computer simulations, and now am moving into web development, as a software engineer at Kachingle.

I’ve also done laboratory research on embryo development and evolution. My claim to fame is the ability to do microsurgery on tiny (fraction of a millimeter) animal embryos using one of my own eyebrow hairs as a scalpel, while the embryos are actively swimming, spinning, and floating in a dish of seawater.

For more about what I hope to do with this blog, please see my first post.

For more details about my background and previous work, check out the non-blog portion of my site. Disclaimer: although I’m a web developer today, I made that site before I knew anything about web development, in rudimentary HTML, and am not likely to put any time into redesigning it. So please be gentle!

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