All Mimsy Were the Ribosomes!

I just came across the most wonderful find. Lewis Carroll meets Woodstock meets RNA (nature’s software). The 13-minute video Protein Synthesis: An Epic on the Cellular Level was filmed by students at my alma mater, Stanford University, in 1971. I later saw it in one of my biology classes there, and never forgot it. This is a classic. A dance and poetry interpretation of the chemical synthesis of protein molecules based on the genetic information encoded in the RNA.

The YouTube link happened to be mentioned in a discussion in the “Computational Biology” LinkedIn group about how to teach biology to programmers. I’m not sure this video will do the trick, but if you already know a little something about the process of protein synthesis (by analogy, the execution of the code), or just enjoy creative expression, you will find this really fun — especially if you have a fondness for the 60′s! I’m really glad I ran across the link.

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2 Responses to All Mimsy Were the Ribosomes!

  1. Jan Steckel says:

    It’s so cute and seventies!

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