To Blog, or Not to Blog?

Okay, so I was finally convinced that I have to start my own blog. (Thank you, devchix, for the push.) I resisted for a long time. Does the blogosphere really need one more blog? The blogging “trend discovery” website has identified 143,399,286 existing blogs as of this writing, with 46,832 new blogs in the last 24 hours alone! (Make that 46,833.) Seriously, who could think there’s any need for more? Even WordPress itself suggests that “… from this crowd of millions of bloggers, … [only a] few hundred thousand blogs… are actually visited.”

But apparently nowadays if you don’t have a blog, then you don’t fully exist, professionally. And it’s about time I existed. So here we go! I hope I can make this blog a little bit different from the other hundred and forty-three million!

Maybe my odd background will help with that. As the blog title and graphic hopefully convey, this blog will be inspired both by my past work as a research biologist and my current work as a web developer. I have returned to software development after many years away, and I knew nothing at all about web development before starting my current position at Kachingle in Feb. 2010. So I have been learning a ton of new things every day, and I’m sure they will give me something to write about now and then. I expect (but no guarantees) this will be a mix of technical and non-technical posts. They’ll probably be mostly about software and my software career but with a biologist’s perspective occasionally injected. And I have years of programming experience, yet am coming at many things as a beginner, which should add an interesting perspective to the posts, particularly the more technical ones.

Welcome, and I hope you enjoy!

Cartoon: First person: I have nothing to say. Second person: You should blog about it.

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7 Responses to To Blog, or Not to Blog?

  1. Congratulations on starting! And I LOVE the cartoon!

  2. Makurrah says:

    This is already a cool blogging effort – very glad you decided to take the plunge. And thanks for the helpful comments on paywall evasion.

    • Thanks! (Though as the posting dates reveal, I’ve been lazy lately.)

      (To other readers who may wander in: the helpful comments referred to are here.)

      But hey, I wouldn’t call it “evasion”, any more than going physically into the library and using a reference book is “evasion” of paying the book’s purchase price! Libraries have to pay for that stuff, so the content producer still gets their subscription fee. In other words we (the taxpayers) have already paid for it, so we might as well use it! Totally aboveboard, and everybody’s happy.

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